What’s New With You?

September 05

The first day of any school year is much like going to the library. When walking through the stacks of books, it’s easy to get taken in by all of the knowledge that sits in front of you – just waiting to be sponged up, soaked in, and used wisely.  The possibilities of what could be accomplished with that knowledge is mind blowing.  Right?  It’s all just waiting for you to pick up the ball … and run with it.  Sure.  Until the second day.  Don’t get me wrong, the second day of school is just as exciting… maybe even better.  The second day of school is like the day you actually get your own library card.  Now you don’t have to just wonder about all those books staring you down and daring you to come in for a closer look.  The stacks are much less intimidating.  Now you can search for the all that piques your interest and take it all home with you!   Much like school: you have a few friends to sit by at lunch, you’ve got your locker combination tamed into submission, and heck, tomorrow is art class – who doesn’t love art class?  Still excited, right?

Now comes the third day of school.  It’s much like the moment when you unload all of the books you and your tribe just checked out.  Now the pile of novels, pictures books, and 101 Things to Do with Beads book looks a little more overwhelming than when you started.  But you still feel enthusiastic – you just have to find a place for your tower of knowledge so that you can start dinner.  So you move the “pile of possibility” to the den… you’ll get to that right after dinner, and oh, tonight is the first PTA meeting… you can start in on that novel right after you get the last load of laundry folded.  Sure.  No problem.  Kind of like day three of the new school year: You had a spelling test (no problem), a short row of math problems… and oh, yeah, the teacher said you need another composition notebook… and what was that other thing you needed… hmmm… no worries, I’m sure you’ll think of it when you get home from basketball practice.

This is how it goes year in and year out.  The excitement of “new” baits us in every September.  This year will be awesome!  This year, we’ll keep our desks tidy, and make sure our planner is signed every night. We’ll complete homework right when we get home, go to bed early, and wake up with the rooster!  Or… we might decide to keep a diary of all that we eat for dinner, so that we don’t repeat and try to keep it exciting, healthy and fresh… for a whole month!  Sometimes these ideals can take us fairly far into the school year… like to October at least.  But many times, things get hard.  Schedules get busy.  Life starts to manage us, instead of us managing our lives.  Some of it is unavoidable and unpleasant.  Some of the obstacles that get in the way of our “School Year’s Resolutions” are exciting and unscripted.  Either way, we all seem to jump the tracks at one point or another – even if just for a short while.

But this is what I love about us humans… we just keep trying!  And we don’t tend to look back as much as we look forward – which might be helpful at times, I guess.  Either way, we all look forward to a new school year for all the new friends, new teachers, new classrooms, new lunch schedules, new tennis shoes – it doesn’t matter what we look forward to most – just that it’s a new beginning.  Much like a trip to the local library – who cares if we ever figure out how to bead curtains or potholders or floor mats?  It’s just the idea that we could if we wanted to, and besides, there’s a whole section filled with books like “Make that Failed Beading Project into a Great Gift!”

It’s another year… and it’s all waiting for you.  Happy New School Year!


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